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Quality Control

Quality Control

Mackenzie Machine & Design, Inc. is dedicated to producing quality parts for all our customers. In November 2004 we incorporated a quality management system, ISO 9001 and have maintained our certification since The systems is designed to assist our organization to ensure we meet the needs of customers. All parts are given a thorough inspection to ensure our customers products meet the highest possible standards of specification.


Quality Policy

Mackenzie Machine and Design Inc.’s quality policy and objectives for quality are displayed openly as a sign of our pride and commitment and as a clear reminder of our focus and direction.
Because the success of our quality management system is essential for our competitiveness, it is vital that the employees of Mackenzie Machine and Design Inc. understand and adhere to our Quality Policy.
MMD Quality Policy
Mackenzie Machine and Design Inc. is dedicated to consistently satisfying customer requirements and to meet or exceed customer expectations. Our performance excellence is attained by consistently manufacturing components of the highest quality while maintaining our commitment to thrive for continuous quality improvement.
MMD Quality Objectives
Achievement of zero defects and 100% on time delivery performance.
Manage and control facilities, processes, quality systems, and personnel to consistently and cost effectively produce products and furnish services that meet customer needs.
Be committed to continuous process improvement by emphasizing reduction of part-to-part variation and the elimination of all waste.
Conduct operations in conformance with, or to exceed, all applicable environmental laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we do business.

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